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K-IWrite version 0.1

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2. Installation

2.1 How to obtain K-IWrite

K-IWrite is a charityware. It is freely downloadable from my home page at You are free to make as many copies of the software as you like. My only appeal is - if you like the software, please donate a few bucks to CRY. Please help a little child who deserves everything that you and I have but has not been as fortunate as you or me.

Please consult this link for information on how you can make a big difference in the life of a small child.

Download K-IWrite now!

2.2 Requirements

K-IWrite is not a voo-doo tool. It does not require any magical power or a very hi-end computer. Any computer that can run Linux and has KDE 1.1.1 or above (but below 2.0) installed, can run K-IWrite. You will need to install a font of your choice for your language. K-IWrite package does not contain any fonts.

Next, you will need to install a proper transliteration map file. K-IWrite does come with a few map files. However, you may need to modify and/or enhance the map files to suit your own style and taste.

For a detailed reference on how to modify an existing map file or create your own map file, please read this page very carefully.

2.2 Installing your font

Frankly, not many good Indian fonts are available for X Windows. So, far I have found only one Bengali font at and just one Hindi font at I have defined a map file for the Bengali font. I would appreciate if you could take the time and pains to define a map file for the Xdevnag font and contribute it to the archive.

There are quite a few good Indian fonts available for Microsoft Windows platforms. If you have the required copyright or author's permission, you could convert them to BDF files for use with X Windows. To convert a TTF file to a BDF file, you can use my TTF 2 BDF utility.

2.4 Compilation and installation

First download the K-IWrite archive and run this command to extract the source code:

   % tar zxf K-IWrite.tgz

In order to compile and install K-IWrite on your system, type the following in the base directory of the K-IWrite distribution:

   % ./configure
   % make
   % make install

Since K-IWrite uses autoconf you should have no trouble compiling it. Should you run into problems, please report them to the author - Subhabrata Biswas.

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