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K-IWrite version 0.1

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1. Introduction

K-IWrite is a KDE utility for writing documents, articles, letters, etc. in Indian languages relatively easily and painlessly. It works on the principle of what is popularly known as transliteration. K-IWrite is capable of supporting a wide range of Indian languages and is available for free in source form. Being a successor of the highly successful and popular IWrite32, it supports or will support all the great features of IWrite32, e.g. flexible transliteration map file, smart preview, printing/mailing, reverse transliteration, etc.

1.1 Changes

This is the first release of K-IWrite. It supports the following features: Reverse transliteration is not yet supported and K-IWrite does not yet understand the IND format specification currently being tested for IWrite32. I do plan to incorporate this in near future.
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