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K-IWrite version 0.1

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3. Usage

K-IWrite is a simple transliteration tool. To use this tool correctly, you have to tell the tool two basic things:
  1. Transliteration rules. The rules are specified through map files which follow a very simple grammar. Create your map file using this grammar and use the Use transliteration map ... menu under the File menu to tell K-IWrite about the rules. All transliteration henceforth will be done following these rules.
  2. English and Indian fonts. The transliteration rules are usually font dependent. So, when you specify a new transliteration map file, you will, usually, have to specify the correct font for the Indian language. To specify a font, choose the correct TAB and then use the Use font ... menu from Edit menu to specify the correct font.
These two parameters are save for future sessions. You can change them anytime you want.

Once you have configured K-IWrite correctly, you can start typing your text in the English tab. When you are ready with the text, switch to the Indian tab to view your text in Indian language. You can change the input text as many times as your want, the Indian view will always be updated the moment you switch to it.

You can save both the English and the Indian texts. However, the Indian text will make some sense only when viewed using the font that you used for transliteration.

If you need to refer to the transliteration rules while typing in the text in English, simply press F5 and an abridged version of the rules will pop up in a dialog. Press Esc to close the dialog.

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