ttf2bdf is a simple freeware utility for deriving a BDF font file from a TTF font file. BDF is a popularly used font format for several X servers including the XFree86 servers commonly used in various flavors of the Linux operating system.


Download the executable, put in your favorite directory and create appropriate shortcuts on your desktop and/or start menu.

How to use it

ttf2bdf presents a simple dialog interface with simple 1-2-3 steps:
  1. Select the font that you want to convert to BDF. Select all characteristics of the font that you would like to see in the converted font, e.g. bold, italic, underline, etc.
  2. Select the destination file name.
  3. Click the Convert button and you are done.


A lot of fonts are copyrighted by their authors and you may violate a copyright if you manipulate these fonts in any way. ttf2bdf is just a tool that helps you create BDF files - use it wisely.

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