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IWrite32 is a utility to help write text in Indian languages on Microsoft Windows 95, 98 or NT 4.0. Although Indians play a major role in today's software industry, ironically there is no popular operating system in any Indian language. As a result, Indians normally use English as the medium of communication over the net. There are some transliteration packages available but none are really popular as they require working understanding of not-so-popular text editing/typesetting languages.

IWrite32 on the other hand, is based on a very popular platform - 32 bit Windows. It does not require any special knowledge of any system and it is very easy to use. Anybody who has ever written his/her own script in English characters can use IWrite32. This tool also gives you the added functionality of mailing and/or faxing your document from within the editor!

IWrite32 is a charityware. You don't have to bother about legal issues for installing it on new machines. All I ask you to do is, if you like the software, donate a few bucks to CRY - help a little child who has not been as fortunate as you and me. The money that we spend on movies/restaurants/basketball games can potentially change the life of a child. This is an appeal I make to everybody - and is not a pre-condition for using IWrite32. You don't have to register IWrite32 with anyone, anywhere.

So, all said and done, interested in giving it a shot ? Go get it.

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Important Notice

It is getting difficult for me to actively support IWrite32. I receive may mails from many people quite frequently - some requesting help, some reporting problems and some suggesting more features/funtionality. I don't think I can entertain these requests any longer.
So, I am actively looking for ways to make the software Open Source. I would like to use MPL or LGPL as the license terms. If any group is interested in taking up this responsibility, please get in touch with me at iwrite32 AT rediffmail DOT com.

Please note that the previous support address at usa.net is not valid any more. They have discontinued their 'free email for life' offer and I had to find a new support address since I cannot pay in dollars. From now on the support address is iwrite32 AT rediffmail DOT com. My apologies for the inconvenience.
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Using IWrite32

There are just four simple steps:
  • Getting it

    IWrite32 is available for free.Download the archive containing the application and sample documents.

  • Installing it

    Follow the steps mentioned in the manual pages. The manual is a compiled HTML help file (IWrite32.chm). Installing the utility is a trivial task.

  • Choosing map files

    Follow the steps mentioned in the manual pages. If you are choosing map files from the existing ones, it is, once again, trivial. But if you have to define a map file for your language or if you plan to enhance one of the existing maps files, please go through the manual very carefully. There are a lot of easy places to make silly mistakes.

  • Creating your documents

    If you have ever used Notepad or Microsoft Word, this step is trivial too. The manual pages give you detailed instruction on how to create, print, fax and mail your documents from within IWrite32.

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Revision history

The current version number of the utility is 3.01. The enhancements in this version are:
  • A fix in the dialog that displays the transliteration map.

Enhancements in IWrite32 v 3.0

  • Reverse transliteration: Now you can open a file sent to you by your friend and transliterate it back into English script. This feature has just been introduced and not thoroughly tested for all possible maps. It could have some minor bugs. Please let me know if you find any. As of now, the English script will appear in a new window. Once this feature becomes stable, IWrite32 will use the original window, if there is one, for showing the English script.
  • Now you can make minor corrections in the transliterated text by typing directly in your language. This feature requires a different map file with different key bindings. Sample map files are provided for Lipi fontset for Bengali and Jagran font for Hindi. The format of this map file is completely different from the transliteration map file. Go through the manual for more information.
  • Smart preview: Now you can view the transliterated from of a word as you type it. Just turn on Smart preview from the View menu and a small popup window will keep showing the transliterated form as you keep typing.
  • The HTML manual has been discontinued. This amounted to duplicate work for me and secondly the CHM file provides a much better means of navigating through the contents of the manual.

Enhancements in IWrite32 v 2.4

  • Fixed a bug in maps with application direction AroundPost
  • The conversion window is re-used for a document. Now IWrite32 will not keep opening a new window every time you transliterate a document. This will reduce resource usage of the computer (and your hassles). If you modify the transliterated document and try to transliterate the original document once again without saving the converted one, IWrite32 will ask you to save it if you want.
  • Reduced amount of required memory for transliteration. It should now work on a computer with low resources that can barely run Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT 4.0.
  • Some sample map files and documents for Marathi contributed by Medha Pai and Kiran Bhave.
  • Split the HTML page into two - a general description and a users' manual.

Enhancements in IWrite32 v 2.3

  • Improved the underlying logic for parsing map files.
  • Support anything (including punctuations, digits, etc.) as input text as well as replacing texts. This lets you use the same transliteration map as in ITRANS.
  • Added a link to the webpage of IWrite32 in the about dialog.
  • A map file and two sample files for users who are familiar with ITRANS. The map file is compatible with the following fonts:
  • A map file for Shusha fonts and several sample files for Hindi.

    These map and sample files have been contributed by Yashwant K. Malaiya. Thank you Yashwant.

What was new in IWrite32 v 2.2

Minor changes:
  • Improved look-n-feel of sound map viewer.
  • Hyperlink in About box for contacting me by email.
  • Discontinued MFC in shared library (and hassles for you).
  • Full-fledged help using HTML Help system from Microsoft. You must install HTML Help 1.2 before you can view the help pages. This file continues to be included for those who don't want to install one more component.

What was new in IWrite32 v 2.1

A few things :
  • Support for mailing a document. You have to install Microsoft Messaging in order to use this feature.
  • Find, Find next and Replace - the essential components of a text editor. However, this feature is limited to searching (and replacing) English text only.
  • Hot-key and tool button for selecting fonts.

What was introduced in IWrite32 v 2.0

  • User level settings as opposed to system level settings. This allows different map files and font specifications for different users on the same computer.
  • Some fixes for memory leaks
  • Faster operations
  • Major change in the user interface. IWrite32 now uses RTF editors for both the English and the converted texts. This means that after converting your text, you can change display characteristics of different parts of the text to different fonts and colors and print accordingly. Or you could copy the entire text, paste in a word processor like Word and create great looking documents.
  • Now you can save the typed as well as the converted document in rich text format and load the document in word processors like Write or Word to enhance the look of the document.
  • Enhanced transliteration map

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How free it is

IWrite32 is completely free along with its source code as long as you are not using it for a commercial purpose. Any form of commercial usage of this application or any part thereof is strictly prohibited unless explicit prior written permission is obtained from the author. If you are interested in the source code, you can contact me at iwrite32 AT rediffmail DOT com. Source code is available for free if you promise (and I trust you) that you are not going to use and/or modify the code for any commercial purpose.

Although you are free to use the software for non-commercial purposes without any obligation - I reserve the copyright on both the installed product and the source code.

If you like the tool and feel that you are going to use it, please contribute US$ 10 (or its equivalent in your currency) to CRY. Help a little child, help your community, help your own family. You can send your contribution in any currency but make sure that you send Demand Drafts or Cheques only. CRY cannot accept cash donations. Send your donations to this address :

CRY- Child Relief and You 
DDA Slum Wing, Bapu Park, 
Kotla Mubarakpur, 
NEW DELHI - 110 003 

 Please make sure that you mention this reference number for your contribution :


You can also contact CRY at 91-11-469-3109, 91-11-469-3159, 91-11-469-3137, 91-11-469-4790 or send fax at 91-11-463-2302. Visit the CRY webpage if you have not already done so.

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Contributing to the archive

So far the sample map and document files have been contributed by only a handful of people. I am sure that many more people have used the utility to write a big number of documents, poems, songs, etc. I would appreciate if you could contribute your work to this archive. This will help create a big archive of Indian literature in an easy-to-use way and it will also help people new to the software learn it fast.

Please add a header to the document that you decide to contribute. It should contain information including document category, author/artist, source, and your name. Follow this standard:

   Category:        Poetry
   Language:        Bengali
   Author:          Kalidas Roy
   Contributed by:  <Your name> [your email address - optional]
If you think that some other information could be useful, please include that too. Finally, mail it to me at iwrite32 AT rediffmail DOT com and I will put it in the archive.

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Support etc.

Well, now comes the tricky part. You see, this is a charityware. You shouldn't expect formal support etc. for this tool. I keep getting mails from people mostly with questions about setting up the map files. I usually help them out - after all it is a tool that I developed. However, it may take sometime before I get back to you with an answer. Please bear with me.

I wrote this tool for myself and later realised that it could be useful to you too and therefore I let you use it. I am not liable for any kind of support although I promise that I will try my best. I too have my regular work and I am not left with much time to spare at the end of a day. So, I will try to provide support as best I can but don't let your expectations be too high.

However, I am always open to new ideas, bug reports, suggestions, etc. (even questions). So, keep those mails coming. You can always reach me at iwrite32 AT rediffmail DOT com.

I will keep my website posted with the latest version of IWrite32. So visit https://members.tripod.com/sbiswas/IWrite32/IWrite32.html often and get the current version of IWrite32.

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Future plans

The wishlist for future contains corrections and enhancements in printing and related functions. If you have any specific (or general) feature in mind, please let me know.

K-IWrite is now available for Linux platforms running X Windows and having the KDE environment. This has a similar (not exactly same) look-n-feel as IWrite32. If you have such a Linux box, take a look at K-IWrite.

The IWriteQt was never released since the KDE version could offer better functionality and more features.

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I assume no implicit or explicit responsibility for any loss or damage caused by the use or abuse of this software. Use this tool completely at your own risk. I don't make any explicit or implicit promise towards support of this software either.
I am not implicitly or explicitly associated with CRY or its activities. I assume no responsibilities for any activity of CRY. I just wanted to help children in India and dedicated this utility to them.