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Introduction to StyleFile

StyleFile is a simple editor for editing multiple files using different styles for different sections of the documents. It is intended to be used with Shusha fonts which include a set of freeware fonts for various Indian languages. This tool is free for all personal and commercial use. However, you may not sell this tool. You are free to use the files generated by this tool for any purpose. Please feel free to distribute the software along with this documentation to anybody you wish.

There is no license, no royalty payable and no registration for this tool. This tool is intended to promote usage of computers in Indian languages. Please visit for details on the Shusha fonts. You may also want to contact Mr. Harsh Kumar at for any further information on the Shusha fonts.

Supported platforms

StyleFile is a Win 32 executable. It runs on Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98 and Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 on Intel x86 machines.


Follow these steps:
  • Download and execute the StyleFileArc.exe from this server.
  • Choose C:\Program Files\StyleFile as the target directory. However, this is not a binding requirement - you may choose any directory of your choice also.
  • Create a shortcut for StyleFile.exe in your favourite program group and/or desktop.

And you are done!

Working in StyleFile

This utility follows the standard Microsoft Windows convention of user interface. You can manage documents (create, open, close, save, print, preview, etc.) using the File menu. You can change font and font details/styles for different parts of your documents. You can embed English text within a Hindi document - simply by switching to an English font temporarily.

The tool uses Times New Roman as the default font. If you want to set another font as default, use the View - Set default font ... menu option. All documents created thereafter will use that font as default.

To switch to another font temporarily, use the View - Set font ... menu option. This will change the font of the current selection and new text inserted after the current caret position in the current document. This option has no effect on other documents or new documents created thereafter.

You can save the document in both text and Rich Text formats. A document with an extension of shd or rtf is assumed to be in RTF document. You can open RTF documents created with Microsoft Word or Wordpad in StyleFile and vice versa. You can embed images, objects and other documents in a StyleFile document.

Comments, suggestions, bug reports, etc.

Please feel free to contact me with any queries, comments, suggestions, etc. that you may come up with at

Thank you!

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