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Screen Melter is a collection of four simple screen savers. It is slightly different from the traditional screen savers in some respects, e.g. it does not take up a lot of disk space or memory, it does not have very fast animations but it generates new patterns every time it is invoked. So, basically it gives you a change without taxing your system too much.

Screen Melter runs only on 32 bit windows, e.g. Windows 95 and NT.

Now after all said and done, Go get the screen saver.


All you do is run the downloaded executable and unzip the component files into a temp directory. Then copy the screen saver executable ScrnMelt.scr into your SystemRoot directory (which is normally C:\Windows or C:\WinNT) and the accompanying HTML (this file) somewhere for later perusal. This completes the installation. Next time you try to configure your screen saver, you should see Screen Melter in the list of available screen savers.

Using Screen Melter

In the screen saver settings dialog choose Screen Melter as your screen saver. Then click the Settings button. This will popup another dialog in which you can choose the screen saver pattern you prefer. Following is a list of patterns available in Screen Melter.

Melt the screen This option will generate a pattern which has the appearence of melting the display area of your screen
Push the screen away This will result in your screen getting pushed towards right and finally out of display
Scramble the screen This option will scramble the display in a random order
Worm This option simulates the random movements of a worm. The wholes dug by the worm will have random colors and the worm moves very fast !!

Bugs, issues, etc.

Once the screen has melted down completely or been pushed away, it never returns. I will really appreciate if someone can kindly make it return.

It is a freeware

Screen Melter is completely free (along with its source code [which I don't expect many people to be interested in]) as long as you are not using it for a commercial purpose. Any form of commercial usage of this application or any part thereof is strictly prohibited unless explicit prior written permission is obtained from the author. If you are interested in the source code, you can contact me. Source code is available for free if you promise (and I trust you) that you are not going to modify the code for any commercial purpose.

Although you are free to use the software for non-commercial purposes without any obligation - I reserve the copyright on both the installed product and the source code.

If you like the screen saver and feel that you are going to use it, please contribute US$ 5 (or its equivalent in your currency) to CRY. Help a little child, help your community, help your own family. You can send your contribution in any currency but make sure that you send Demand Drafts or Cheques only. CRY cannot accept cash donations. Send your donations to this address :

CRY- Child Relief and You 
DDA Slum Wing, Bapu Park, 
Kotla Mubarakpur, 
NEW DELHI - 110 003 

 Please make sure that you mention this reference number for your contribution :


You can also contact CRY at 91-11-469-3109, 91-11-469-3159, 91-11-469-3137, 91-11-469-4790 or send fax at 91-11-463-2302.


I assume no implicit or explicit responsibility for any loss or damage caused by the use or abuse of this software. Use this software completely at your own risk. I don't make any explicit or implicit promise towards support of this software either.

I am not implicitly or explicitly associated with CRY or its activities. I assume no responsibilities for any activity of CRY. I just wanted to help children in India and dedicated this software to them.

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