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Let me introduce myself first. I am Subhabrata Biswas from Mumbai (previously, Bombay). I have been staying in Mumbai for the past 5 years - working with Citicorp Overseas Software Limited - a subsidiary of Citibank. Before this, I used to live in Agarpara - a suburban town near Calcutta.

I studied in a lot of schools - Nrityakali Pathshala (classes I-IV), Ushumpur Adarsha Uchcha Vidyalaya (class V), Rahara Ramakrishna Mission (classes VI-X) and Agarpara Mahajati Vidyapeeth (classes XI-XII).

Finally, I managed to clear a course of B.Tech. in Civil Engineering from IIT, Kharagpur. It is in the IIT that I first saw a computer. We used to work on an HP-1000 machine which, I am sure, not many people know about. It was a machine with cryptic user interface and a horrible line editor.

Then the IIT procured a computer called Cyber. Although even this machine was completely outdated when the IIT bought it, it was far too better than an HP-1000. After writing a few programs on this machine I fell in love with programming and decided to pursue a career in software.

So, here I am, a civil engineer in softwares for last 5 years. 3 years back a girl agreed to marry me (!!!) and I have been living happily ever after.

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Finally here is a copy of my resume.

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