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"A teardrop on the cheek of time" - Tagore
Hello and welcome to India. India - a name that has become synonymous with mystery, a name that means love, affection and forgiveness, a name that rouses passion in eight hundred million hearts.

India is a nation with great cultural heritage, great reserves of natural beauty, human resources and relationships. India is a country which believes in giving and not in demanding. India teaches her people to be brave in heart but not aggressive in behaviour.

India has contributed a lot to the world in terms of science, medicine, culture, technology and human values. People from so many remote places have invaded this country over ages causing enormous destruction and sending ripples through a vibrant civilisation. All these invasions caused the peaceful nation to come to a halt temporarily before going ahead full steam and making up for the lost time. Today the nation has more diverse heritage and culture among its people than any other in the world. But amazingly, it has always maintained its unspoken attitude of "unity in diversity". India still remains the biggest democracy in the world.

This country has always sustained all invasions and has always turned around displaying the inner strength which lies in its deep rooted belief in universal fraternity - "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam". However, two hundred years of British rule ruined the country beyond imagination and turned it into a heap of debris - very much the British way.

History shows, India has always been the spiritual power which never gave in to any external pressure. The country had gone down too much over two hundred years and has stopped going further down. Now is the time to bounce back - back in life, the way the world has always known her. We have a dream - a dream of another vibrant civilisation having the same old human values but new edges in science, medicine, technology, culture and the like.

We worship our mother and pray her to show us the way.

Vande Mataram !