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Hex Dumper

HexD is a simple tool for viewing and/or printing hexadecimal dumps of any files on Win 32 platforms (Windows 95/98 and NT). This is a freeware and is distributed "as is" without any explicit or implicit warranty. If you decide to use the tool, do so at your own risk. Although the tool has no destructive function, the author takes no explicit or implicit responsibility of any loss or damage arising out of use, abuse or misuse of the software.

The executable is available here. This is an MFC application and requires MFC v 4.0+. If you have difficulty running the software, you may request me for a copy of the tool which has MFC libraries statically linked and should run correctly. However, this tool will not run on Windows v 3.1x or lower or non-Microsoft platforms.

Please send your comments, feedback, bug reports etc. to
Thank you!